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1300 Numbers – What Are They Good For?

Diversion, broadcast Calling, Scheduled Responses, Menu Navigation, Sequential Destination Numbers;

Why should you spend $10-15 per month for a 1300 number? For all the above reasons. This applies particularly to small business owner/operators who work from home, or who have a mobile business and don’t want to carry 2 phones.

The abilities of 1300 number providers seem to be little known so here goes.

1300 numbers are not location specific so you can keep your 1300 number no matter where in Australia you may move.

1300 numbers can be setup to carry out scheduled behaviour. eg from 8 till 5, your number can be set to ring your mobile and after that, go straight to message bank. Weekends can have a different schedule. You may have your 1300 number go to a VA when you are asleep.

1300 numbers identify the call source. If you pick up a call that has come from your 1300 number a brief voice message can alert you saying, “This is a 1300 call from your business. Press 1 to answer.” or similar.

1300 numbers can call phones sequentially. eg your 1300 number can call your mobile for 15 seconds, then if unanswered, call your associate for 15 seconds, then if unanswered go to message bank.

1300 numbers can call multiple numbers simultaneously. The first to answer gets the call.

1300 numbers can have a configurable voice navigation menu: “To speak to our sales team, press 1”. Each keypress diverts the call to a different number.

These functions can be nested in the above mentioned schedule.


1300 numbers come with a monthly fee and call fees. Usually they are charged on a timed basis, so if you receive 1300 numbers and then talk for a long time, you will end up paying more. You will need to remember to make your calls brief, or call your client back on your unlimited plan or similar. 1300 number do generally show the caller ID so you can easily return calls.

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