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This is just a productivity tip for those of you who live on the go or work remotely. This product is a portable monitor that extends your screen real estate when you’re working remotely.

There are plenty of reviews on this device online – so I won’t go into it, but the problem many people state is that the software for this monitor comes on a DVD and most laptops these days don’t have an optical drive. What’s more, the official website doesn’t distribute these files. The software is required to get the monitor to work in portrait mode and to auto rotate when you physically turn the monitor.

So here’s the file for those of you who need it. (If the publishers don’t want it here for some reason, just let me know via the contact form and I’ll remove it), meanwhile (AOC) I’m offering a service to your customers that you really should have offered yourselves.

This files are straight off the DVD we received from the manufacturer, so I would assume they are completely safe, but I offer no guarantees of that.

Download English Manual

Download i-Menu – allows screen rotation

Download Divers

Download Screen+ V1.4.2

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