Starting a Business? You need a website and you need it now!

Here are a few new-business facts…

You must start building a customer base now!

You cannot wait 4 weeks to have a web presence. You can’t wait until your beautiful new website is proofed and perfect before your company name and basic description are known to search engines and social media. Google will not list you organically immediately – no matter how good your site is. Brand new sites need seasoning time. This is because “spam” sites are popping up everywhere. They buy traffic, manipulate their visitors, offer nothing of value, and close down. Therefore Google requires that your presence stand the test of some time and you can’t waste another day before you get started!

So what can you do in the meantime? We’ll help you buy your domain name and some server space and instantly put up a very quick placeholder. We want your first seven days trading to look like one of our clients shown below.

 You must present quality and originality

A poor website is worse than no website at all. “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” So whether or not you have the money to hire a marketing firm and get your corporate look and feel working well and your website maximising impact on that precious traffic, you need to look like you have the money.

You find yourself ringing your investors or your bank for a little more money because doing this well can be expensive and that expense can really hurt your fledgling business. What’s more, not doing this well can really hurt your business too! So you find you need money to make money. A viscous circle. But we have a solution for you!

You must be findable

It’s a common story. She launched a great new website but no-one even knows it’s there. Ouch! If your website doesn’t generate leads for you quickly, it can mean going broke and being foreclosed by creditors. It’s one thing to have a great business and a great product and wonderful customer service and excellent staff, but if you don’t get exposure, these all turn into liabilities instead of opportunities.

Your website has to be findable. You will need to pay Google to list you initially, maybe Facebook too. You will need great signage, perhaps print distributions, but most of all, you will need online “Buzz”. Maximising traffic aqusition is a complex task, requiring skill and experience. Don’t trust this to a friend or family member – hire a professional.

You must be secure

You’re with me so far. So you’ve started to turn a nice profit, but now it’s time to consider the responsibility you have to your online guests and the personal information they share with you. You need SSL encryption whether or not you take credit card info or just names, adresses, emails and phone numbers. If you don’t secure the transfer of this data you might be responsible for identity theft.

So there’s another big cost that responsible business people incur.

You must prepare for future changes

YOU need to be in control of your website. It’s your own reputation, your identity and it’s your primary showcase to the world. You need to be able to change prices and info, show and hide products and services and events YOURSELF. You need to be able to upload images and shuffle their order and receive and respond to comments from your clientele. Otherwise will you need to book in with your web designer and get him or her to do it, then check that it’s done and pay the bill? It’s too slow for today’s fast-paced world of business and client correspondence.

All these tasks are made possible by a good content management system (CMS). Preparing for the future of your business means being ready and able to move with the times and to leverage new technologies quickly. The difficulty here is that cheap websites often don’t have the structure or technology to allow this. So once again, as a business owner you feel that the responsible choice is to spend a little more but the timing is so bad.

Your budget is quickly running out!

After you’ve paid for your licenses, vehicles, insurances, equipment, legal fees, buildings and fittings and that endless list of little surprise costs, it’s not unusual to find there is no money left for online marketing strategies.

Some people commit buiness suicide at this point and say “The web can wait”. No it can’t! The internet has replaced other forms of customer acqusition for almost every industry category. It is the first place people will look for you, and if you’re not there, they will find your competitors.

Pay As You Go Websites

We’re making buying a website as easy as buying a phone. You pay a monthly fee and over a set period you own your phone. In the meantime it gives you the power to do business. Your website is exactly the same. You can’t make money without it, and the money it makes for you is ample to pay for it. This way you get an affordable quality website.

We believe that most businesses will thrive if their marketing is tuned and effective. That’s why we can absorb the initial costs of your web package and let you pay a small monthly fee – something a new business can easily handle once customers are coming through the door. How do we know that you won’t go broke and default on your payments? Good marketing. We’re going to help you thrive and hence we protect our own liability. It’s a win-win situation.

I remember watching a customer layby something they couldn’t afford and my dad saying to me, “If you haven’t got the money, you shouldn’t be shopping”. I feel the same about all those interest-free deals you see on TV. They are just luring you in by appealing to your apetites and telling you that you can afford it when you actually know you can’t.

Why is this different? Because we’re not selling you something you want, something that will depreciate. We’re providing you with a tool that you need. An indispensable tool that will help you to make money. It’s not something you can’t afford to buy, it’s something that you can’t afford not to have. A good website is an asset not a liability!

Use the pricing calculator below to work out your monthly payments and then send us your contact details and we’ll get started immediately.

Pricing Estimator

Base Package

  • Dedicated cpanel hosting account. 1G storage 5G monthly bandwidth, unlimited emails, databases
  • WordPress installed with wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor plugin – edit the site in place and see the changes immediately.
  • Our Fantastic single page layout installed with 2 or 3 stock images, 2 or 3 of your images, introduction and contact form
  • Mobile-friendly layout – compatible on all devices.
  • Google Webmaster Sitemap Submitted
  • Yoast SEO installed and configured – helps Google to know what you’re about
  • Google analytics tracking code installed
  • This package alone is perfect for starting businesses – get found on Google; a chic, effective and inexpensive first site.

Layout And Text Package

  • Creation of up to 5 custom pages responsive layout
  • Up to 25 stock images formatted and inserted into 2 slideshows and static page data.
  • Your text inserted and formatted into pages as¬†applicable
  • Image gallery creation

Professional Photography

  • Full studio gear
  • 4 hours on-site
  • Editing and deployment via online hi-res gallery
  • Models acquired at additional cost

Aerial Imagery

  • CASA certified operators for drone work
  • UHD footage super steady, professional marketing footage
  • Editing, voiceovers, royalty-free music
  • Compression and uploading to your YouTube account or digital delivery of stills
  • Price is an estimate only

Security Certificate

  • Certificate purchased and installed
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Eliminating all mixed content from your site
  • Ongoing costs apply

Adwords Campaign

  • Account setup
  • Campaign configuration, keyword selection, ad building
  • 2 tune up sessions
  • 4 Traffic reports
  • Google direct costs excluded (you set daily budget)

Don’t Wait. Start Now.

Supercharge your business with a great new website without forking out the up-front expense. Simply pay for it as you go. Send through your details using the form below. We’ll record your preferences from above and one of our friendly experts will give you a call.

There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION. You have nothing to lose and if you aren’t impressed with our knowledge and attitude, if you don’t feel confident that we’re a good fit for your business and that we’ll look after you with authenticity and courtesy and you decide to opt out, we’ll politely say goodbye and we’ll never bother you again.

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