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A picture says a thousand words and great photography is a prominent part of every great site or marketing campaign. Almost all the photography and hi-res images you see on our sites are our own work. We are always striving to make our photography excellent, presenting every facet of your product or premises with crystal clarity and vibrant colour. We have a full array of studio equipment, strobes backdrops, modelling lights and reflectors. We even have microphones and video gear for HD and 4K production.

Photography captures the enviroment, the mood and the ambience of your business. Models are sourced for you where needed and the photography is carried out onsite early in the build process.

Stand Alone Photography:

Ignitecan be hired for commercial photography for any task at very reasonable rates. Photos are delivered via an online hi-res gallery where you can download and/or distribute the images to your publishers or journalists.

Aerial Photography

Ignite Marketing partners in Skeye High Photography, a fully registered CASA aproved drone controller and operator. We can capture stunning images and video from the air and show your audience the bird’s eye view. Add this stunning new media genre to your public profile and marketing and see how it increases exposure and reduces customer confusion and disappointment.


All images are released without restyriction for use in print, TV or online publishing of any kind. **

On the right, you are seeing a sample of our photographic work.

**We also reserve the right to use any and all photos for promoting our business.

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