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Meridian Resort

We’re very happy with how this site turned out. The weather was spectacular for the photo shoot. The owners Karen and Alan had to be very patient as we tried to synchronise several factors. But it certainly paid off in the end. This site uses an aerial shot to allow customers to see where their unit type is located and therefore what their outlook will be like. Check out how it works here:

The third party booking engine used had to be modified extensively. We really wanted people to be able to book the specific unit of their choice but www.hisite.com.au made this difficult to achieve and we had to compromise. If you’re looking for a booking engine and you’d like to employ our “pick your own unit” strategy for customer satisfaction, consider finding a system that accurately reflects how you operate.

eg. If you have a 2 bdrm apartment where one room can be closed off and it then is hired for a different price as a single bedroom, many booking systems force you to list the apartment as two different room types. But it would be much better if the one unit simply had an option in the book system to close off one room and when this option is chosen, the price is updated.

I invite booking systems to approach us who think they’ve got this in the bag.

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