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Security for your site can mean many things. Here we are talking about the security of your visitor’s information.

When someone comes to your site the connection between your server and their computer or device can be watched or monitored by identity thieves. Any information they enter can then be captured and used for profit gain. this is particularly concerning with credit card information, but any personal information can be stolen: phone numbers and email addresses from your inquiry form can be harvested and then your visitors start receiving unsolicited email and telemarketing just because they sent you an inquiry.

For this reason, Google has started to prefer sites that use SSL (secure socket layer). It is even believed that your ranking in Google search is now effected by whether or not you use this security protocol.

What is SSL?

In summary it is an encryption of the connection between your server and the client computer. All information sent between the two is encrypted so that even if it is captured by a third party, it is non-decipherable. When you see a site address starting with http:// it is NOT secured. Secure sites start with https://

Getting secured involves several fairly technical steps including purchasing a certificate from a certificate authority agency and then having it assigned to your domain by your hosting provider. It is all very daunting, but, as with everything, we can do it all for you. Ask us about it and get a quote.

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