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SMS Marketing

SMS Benefits

SMS has the best immediate penetration rate of any media type.


There are many types of notifcation that appear on your customer’s mobile phones. For many reasons, people select to silence or disallow these notifcations making it impossible for you to contact them this way.

Trends vary through different demographic groups and the frequency of use for each application. For example, middle-aged folk are less likely to allow Facebook, Messenger or Instagram notifications to “interrupt” their day, while teenagers seldom want to miss any of the above.

This is where SMS becomes invaluable because the customer’s SMS application is almost never blocked from notifications. SMS is still the most sure way to notify someone immediately without actually calling them regardless of their age or sex.

SMS Client Grouping

Our system allows you to define custom groups of clients. It may be clients that are interested in a particular product category or clients that live in a particular area. By grouping your customer base in this way you can contact those groups instantly with information thay are likely to respond to.

Message Scheduling

The immediate nmature of SMS can be very exciting, because is generates immediate traffic and sales, but it can also be demanding. Our scheduling system allows you to set schedules on a weekly, monthly or one-time bases for groups and individuals.

Imagine the power this presents is terms of sequential reminders about a product launch or an event, courtesy customer relationship correspondence like “Happy Birthday’s” or collecting feedback data afetr a service is provided.

You can even assign customers to a number of groups and specify a specific lead time for that each client to ensure they receive the messages when they are able to act on them


Unlike email marketing, SMS is not free. Unfortunately, having “unlimited SMS” on your phone account doesn’t allow you to bulk SMS your client list either. So there is a small subscription fee for this kind of marketing. This is by design. The cost of bulk SMS prevents it from being overloaded with spam like email has been. It keeps the chanel open.

Our prices are umong the cheapest in the industry and our system’s features and usability are unmatched.

Our prices are for a monthly message allowance. No additional charges are applied and all functionality is available for even the smallest subscription.


100 messages per month

@ 9 cents each


per month


250 messages per month

@ 8.6 cents each


per month


500 messages per month

@ 8.2 cents each


per month


1000 messages per month

@ 7.8 cents each


per month

SMS marketing is very powerful. Once you see how effective it is you may need more than 1000 messages per month. The more you use the cheaper it gets – so contact us for a special quote if you need more SMS.

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