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Web Design Process

While much of the internet is information-driven, people aren’t.

“You get just one chance to make a first impression.”

The decision to buy your products or book your services while on your website, has many emotions and motivators attched to it. Customers are asking, “Can I trust you, will you do an excellent job, will I be pleased and/or enjoy my experience, am I looking forward to it?” These questions are answered by the personality of your business or it’s culture, the context within which your products are delivered and how your web design conveys all of this.

At Ignite Marketing, we seek to present to the online world an authentic and comprehensive representation of your business culture and values. We want to find and impress the people who are looking for what you sell via your website.

This strategy has served us well, with many of our clients leading in their industry, expanding their market reach and increasing their profit bottom line.

The internet is a rapidly changing market arena, with more and more competitors clamouring to be noticed and increase traffic throughput. Designing a website that looks and feels unusual, beautiful, premier, sets you apart immediately.

In addition we are constantly researching new internet technologies, search engine optimisation and social marketing and changing our methods accordingly. This keeps you on the leading edge with regard to internet penetration and presentation.

Please look through our websites. You won’t forget them. You will probably find yourself distracted from the task of analysing the site itself and becoming interested in the products and services on display. When this happens, remember that the site is “working”.

Every serious business owner and marketing manager wants a website like that. Don’t settle for an ordinary, template site. Distinguish yourself instead.

“You get just one chance to make a first impression.”

Making It Happen

The Process

Designing a stunning website starts with sharing a dream. Let’s talk about your business; what you like about it, what frustrates you about it, where your best profit lines are and where you feel there is untapped potential. What are the ways your online business identity can help you gain traction in your field.

Next, we talk about culture, style, colour, images, layouts and operation.  We look at the sites you love and talk about what you like about them. We also look at sites you hate and why you hate them. How will the appearance and function of your new site clarify and confirm the strengths of your business personality and culture? How do you want to see it and perhaps what new ideas can we offer that will futher enhance your vision.


The process then moves into writing. We will document a detailed proposal tailored to your needs, create a static layout with colours, themes and logos, outline a process and schedule and the relevant pricing.

Collect Resources

Once you approve the proposal, a project managment module is created. It’s an online place that can only be accessed privately by us and it contains an outline of every resource we need to collect. You can add information and edit it too all in the on central location.


The site is built on our servers in a temporary location where the public can’t see it. Once it is complete to the first draft, you get to see it and play with it and offer ideas and feedback about how it ought to be modified o your preferences.


Once that process is complete – we turn it on and show the world.


By this stage, we will have much of your marketing material on file and can quickly assist you with other market resources like print layouts for brochures, business cards, booklets, signage and banners. This ensures that your corporate identity is homogenous throughout your marketing, showing the same images, logos, colour schemes and even key phrases.

Partnering For Change

The Tools

Most new websites are being built on the WordPress platform. This allows us to leverage the excellent development work from a global community including a host of free plugins and commercial solutions too. The sky is the limit.

We provide the Divi Builder for WordPress free with our solutions.  This revolutionary tool allows visual drag and drop editing and creation of pages and posts.

Available To Help

The ongoing process of editing and adding to your web site can be shared. You decide how much of it you want to do and how much you’d like us to do. If you’re time poor and just want to shoot off an email with your changes – we’re happy to help. 

You stay in control and the end result is still your intellectual property. Your website is your publishing platform. Your window to the online world.

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