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Our Proprietary Sites Are Different.

Our sites fit your screen – no matter what size. The site’s layout responds to the available space. No long columns of scrolling down.

A Web Application

Our proprietary sites are ‘web applications’ rather than a series of static pages that are simply linked together. When you click a button the site requests and loads resources from the database accordingly. The page never reloads, never goes blank or flashes and you never have to press the back button to find where you just were. You are simply there as the guest and the site brings you the resources you require like a librarian.

Of course, we also offer the more standard web sites based on broadly familiar systems like WordPress. So if your site needs certain plugins or pre-built functionality, we’ve got you covered there too.

Always in view

The slideshows are visible right there while you read, no matter how much you read – so are the logo and the navigation bar and the phone number. It’s a better way to present and it requires sophisticated programming which we develop ourselves. Very few developers are pushing the technology as far as this.

Custom CMS.

Our sites are driven by a custom-built content managment system. It’s not a wordpress module that’s been tweaked to work with what we were trying to do. It is specifically designed for what we do. Every last line of code. It ONLY does what we want it to do and it does EXACTLY what we want it to do. We know that logging into the admin section of your site can be daunting. You might be frightenned that you’ll break something. So the simpler and more intuitive it is – the better. This makes all the difference when it comes to truly feeling “in control” of the content you present to the world on a daily basis.

We Are Different.

We are a small company and we don’t want to be big. Yes we could hire developers and coders from freelance sites and churn out masses of template-style web sites and fill them with run-of-the-mill content and probably make more profit doing that. The problem is … we’d hate it! Our sites are art. The photography is carefully crafted and beautiful. The movement and flow of site elements, the timing of their introduction, the softness of their appearance. It is all careful, intelligent, deliberate.

We like to sit back when we have finsihed and be proud as we look at something truly unique and truly excellent. You are like that with your product, why would you want anything less from those who present it?

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