About Ignite Marketing

previously “Flashme Web Design & Photography”

Ignite Marketing has been creating websites with a creative twist since our inception 7 years ago. Our focus is on visual impact and excellence and our aim is to stimulate the emotions of prospective customers and create the desire for them to buy your products or services.

Our business is modelled on relationships. We are small enough to take every call personally, to ensure that every detail of your project is completed to standard, to make sure that your problems are treated seriously and urgently and to ensure that you are happy. We will ensure that the products we supply, make your life easier and more productive.

That being said we leverage a newtork of specialists to broaden our expertise and to keep on the cutting edge of IT and internet opportunities.

Ignite Marketing’s way of doing business with you is based on the values of honesty, reliability, the resulting trust, and the dignity and satisfaction that come from excellence. We know that’s easy to say, but we encourage you to read our independent customer reviews.


Our existing clients, whom you can find by looking through our site portfolio, are each ambitious and successful business people and they would each be willing to discuss with you, what level of service you can expect from us. Partnering with a web developer is not like getting a pool. It’s not a one-time engagement. Rather it is like starting a relationship. As technology races ahead, being in that market requires ongoing “development”. That means we work together on a regular basis. It’s an important decision.

Igniting Your Ideas


“Brent has created a website that I am proud of. The feedback I continuously get, I know has helped our sales.  I cannot speak highly enough of the service I have received from start to finish and ongoing.

Brent has a great creative ability to design a website that is easy for the customers to get around. One of the other amazing things  Brent has created is a user friendly way to edit our website. He is an absolute genius and I would recommend Flashme Web Design to anyone looking for a new website.”
Tania Harvey

Our Name

Our name has recently changed from Flashme Web Design & Photography. The reference to Flash came from a somewhat outdated programming platform by Adobe called “Flash”. We specialised in using Flash many years ago and so it seemed good to use that word in our name especially since it related to photography also. These days, it is more often misunderstood as some streaker agency than understood for what we intended – so it was time for a change.

“It was a joy to work with Brent on our school website.
He was always professional, easy to engage with and had lots of good ideas. The follow-up service has been great as well, always very helpful and efficient. Creating a website can be quite stressful and time consuming. Brent made the whole process a lot easier than it could have been.”

Vicki Gunning
Head of Junior School / Marketing
Charlton Christian College

“At Belmont Christian College we used Flashme Web Design and Photography to complete a photo-shoot and video recording of the school grounds. Flashme also re-constructed the college website from the ground up providing a much needed new look and fresh feel to the website.

We have had many new and current parents comment on how the new website provides a great first impression of what Belmont Christian College is all about. They feel that they have met the principal first hand on their computer screen.

Flashme web design is prompt and reliable in all that they do. If there is an issue Brent is very quick to respond and sort the problem out. He is always keen to have our website running well.”

Adam Lowth
Information Technology Manager
Belmont Christian College

“Wyong Christian Community School engaged the services of Flash Me web design in 2010 to construct a new website for our school. Our experience with Brent from that point forward has been quite positive. I found Brent easy to work with. He was receptive to what we were trying to achieve, professional in the way he conducted himself and highly competent in completing the project. Since our new website went live we have had quite a lot of positive feedback about its look and functionality. We have also developed a fruitful ongoing relationship. Modifications, updates and edits to our website are done in a timely fashion and are reasonably priced. When we were investigating different web developers several had the business model that said they retained ownership of the website despite the fact that it was for our school. This was a point of concern for me. From the outset Brent explained that we retained ownership of the site and that he was confident that the quality of his work would ensure that we would retain his services not a contractual obligation due to intellectual property rights. This has been our experience for the last four years and I would happily recommend his services. You are welcome to contact me at the school should you wish to ask any further questions.”

Darren Milligan
Assistant Principal
Wyong Christian Community School