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Mobile Ready Web Design.

Most of our clients are now getting nearly 50% of their traffic on mobile phones.

The remaining 50% is split between tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. All new sites are built to look and work exactly the same on any device. iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, PCs, Macs, they all show the same content to your viewers only laid out in a manner that suits the device’s screen size. This is done according to Google’s suggested practices of using CSS “media queries” to apply different layout styles dynamically.

What’s more, your site will be as future proof as possible with all doors left open for expansion and adoption of new technologies.

Corporate Identity Retention

Corporate identity must be standardised accross platforms so that you get the best memory retention possible and the greatest advertsisng saturation and familiarity. Often times customers have to see you three times before they buy. The point here is that they have to know that they have seen you three times. Each glance has to build their sense of familiarity and trust.

For this reason, all development is done in common languages that work everywhere. Testing is carried out on multiple devices to ensure cross-browser compatibility. We even test old versions of browsers like internet Explorer so we can be sure what each and every client sees when they arrive.

Just check out a site like this one you’re reading on multiple different devices and see that it looks and works just the same everywhere.

No “mobile-only” version

The mobile phone version of your site will be exactly the same content but laid out in a tall-portrait aspect. Elements are “re-styled” as applicable making sure that no horizontal scrolling is required, that fonts are easily readable and that all buttons/links are large enough to press with the thumb. This means that your site will be navigable in one hand on smart phones. This, in turn ensures the best search engine rankings possible for people searching on mobile devices.

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