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The internet is hugely complex. Creating a great website is just as important as the maintenance required to keep it reliably online. At Ignite Marketing, we select the most reliable servers and data centers around the world to ensure you get maximum uptime. Our servers run between 99.8 and 99.9% uptime.

Whenever possible we will notify you of any scheduled maintenance so that you aren’t taken by surprise and if something unexpected happens, we will let you know what the cause was and what steps have been taken to prevent it in the future.


Websites these days are becoming a conglomerate of interconnected digital services that depend on many different technologies. Consider a website that has a domain name registered with company x, an encrption certificate issued by company y, it sends and receives email via Gmail or Office 365, processes payments using Paypal or Square, updates inventory with Xero, is advertising itself through Adwords and collecting traffic data via Analytics. All of these connections need to be monitored and maintained.

If you want an active service plan to ensure these connections are in working order, inquire about our service plan.

Otherwise, you will need to check on these things yourself from time to time – especially if you feel that inquiries or sales have dropped off.

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website online and functioning is like keeping a car on the road. Things break down. Files and databases can be corrupted. Security protocols change, programming languages get updated, making older code simply not work.

While every effort is made to build your site with the latest coding practices, there is no warranty to guarantee that it will work for any set period of time. This is simply impossible to promise.

For this reason, web owners, should expect that keeping a website working will have a small cost involved and from time to time may require some urgent programmer intervention.

 What is Our Responsibility?

If your site is hosted on our servers, then the proper functioning of those servers is our responsibility. If something hardware related goes down, we will jump to right the problem as soon as possible and there will be no charge to you for the work required.

On the other hand, because of the nature of the internet, there are times when certain alterations need to be made to your site simply to get it to work again. This is usually due to some change in a programming language that is employed at our server. Sometimes a method or protocol that has been used for many years, opens a new security threat to your site or email. In this event, you will be notified of the reason for the malfunction of your site and the estimated time to modify it and bring it up to the new standard. This kind of thing is rare but a reality. The cost of such work will be quoted and must be paid by you, the client.

Keeping You Online

Monthly Site Checkup and Secuirty Service Contract

Keeping your site online and well oiled is imperative. Digital files are not eternal. Errors do occur in the digital world. Protocols and technologies change and sometimes your site is contingent upon these things. Make sure you minimise the impact of this on your business. Make every effort to never miss a client inquiry and to minimise site downtime.

Each month we will complete the following tasks:

  1. Back up your database and send you a copy.
  2. Check data integrity to your analytics and optional Adwords accounts.
  3. Check your adwords account for payment method currency -to make sure you don’t go off the air.
  4. Send a test email from your contact form to ensure deliverability.
  5. Check mailbox and server file size and limits to ensure no failures occur.
  6. Check your domain name and optional security certificate expiry dates and currency.
  7. Update any WordPress plugins or theme packages you have installed. (additional charges may apply for subscription-based plugins)
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